Valdir Baraldi appointed country manager for Cargill in South Africa

South Africa: Cargill, announced its continued investment in supply of FR3 natural ester fluids for electricity transformer applications in the power, utilities and other industries for the South African and sub-Saharan markets through the appointment of a new country manager.

Valdir Baraldi was recently appointed as country manager for Cargill Bioindustrial division in South Africa. He is based in Johannesburg to guide transformer manufacturers and end users in the application of FR3 for local markets, following his relocation from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he has been working for the past 12 years.

According to Baraldi, Cargill will increase its investment in South Africa to meet Eskom’s and the DTI’s goals of replacing transformer fluid, typically mineral oil, with fire-safe and biodegradable natural ester fluid for the electrical grid.

He underlined the safety factor of natural ester fluid transformers compared to mineral oils is particularly important in overloaded, unstable electrical grids, particularly where there are illegal connections and power outages.

“We look forward to developing markets for FR3 natural ester fluid both in South Africa and in other export markets throughout Sub-Saharan Africa,” concluded Baraldi.

Source: ESI Africa

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