Ethiopia completes Ethio-Kenya power line installation

Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said it has completed installation of the 433 km of Ethio-Kenya power transmission line.

The Ethiopian-Kenya interconnector high voltage electric highway is a joint project of the two countries which covers 1955 km with a capacity of carrying up to 2,000 MW.

The construction of the 433 km of the highway that lies in Ethiopia is fully completed and waiting for the completion of construction of a substation, said EEP communication director, Moges Mekonnen. Moges stated that the construction of substation in Welayta – Sodo town is planned to be finalized by November 2019.

Following the completion of the substation, the testing and conversation will be held within five months and the powered highway ready for power transmission will be finalized in April 2020.

Meanwhile Moges said that the government of Ethiopia has spent about $333 M for the construction of the transmission line and the substation.

The Ethiopian-Kenya joint project which aimed at achieving regional power interconnection in East Africa was launched in 2013 with the total budget of $1.26 B.

Source: New Business Ethiopia