TRAFO supplies transformers for data centre application

South Africa, Cape Town: Trafo Power Solutions recently supplied two 2000 kVA 11,6kV/415V dry-type transformers to a large data centre in the Cape Town ensuring reliable supply and energy savings.

David Claassen, managing director of Trafo Power Solutions, explains that it is important to understand data centre applications and especially the load which the transformer will be supplying as well as the type of switchgear that will be feeding it.

Manufactured under stringent quality control conditions at Italian transformer OEM TMC, these specialised units are low loss transformers which conform to the European Directive EU 548-2014 and will provide greater energy savings in this application.

The design was important in terms of the transformers windings as well as the core changes in this type of application where there is a high percentage of non-linear or harmonic load.

These transformers were designed differently to a standard distribution load transformer and have an electrostatic shield which diverts noise to ground as well.

Source: Trafo Power Solutions