Enec energises Unit 3 transformers at Barakah nuclear plant

UAE: The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec) has safely and successfully energised Unit 3’s main power transformer and gas insulated bus (GIB), an important step in the continued testing and commissioning of the plant.

In addition to the main transformer and GIB, Unit 3’s auxiliary power transformers and excitation transformer were energised safely and successfully in normal operating configuration. This work was performed with the approval and support of Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch Company (TRANSCO), and comes approximately a year after the completion of similar work on Unit 2, and two years after the completion of the same work on Unit 1, demonstrating the benefits of building four identical units at the same time.

The construction of the Barakah plant is progressing steadily; the latest construction completion percentages show that Unit 2 stands at 95 %, Unit 3 is more than 91 %, and Unit 4 is more than 82 %, while the overall construction completion percentage is more than 93 %. The construction of Unit 1 has been completed in accordance with the highest global standards of quality and safety, and it is currently undergoing commissioning and testing, prior to regulatory review and receipt of the Operating Licence from the FANR. All four units will deliver clean, efficient and reliable electricity to the UAE, preventing the release of up to 21 M tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Source: Gulf Today