$1 B electricity grid connections project to be approved in Australia

Australia: Rob Stokes, the NSW Planning and Public Spaces Minister, will give “critical” state significance to a $1 B plan to increase interstate grid connections to reduce the risks to electricity supplies in NSW.

Mr Stokes said the Transgrid project, if approved, will add 800 km of transmission lines from the border of South Australia to Wagga Wagga in NSW and an extra Victorian connection.

While the timing of the project would depend on various approvals being secured, the aim is to have the links completed by 2023, in line with the expected closure of AGL’s 1680 MW Liddell plant.

Matt Kean, Energy and Environment Minister, said the new transmission project was a priority project for the state’s Transmission Infrastructure Strategy and the AEMO’s Integrated System Plan for the National Energy Market.

The additional capacity would help ease constraints on wind and solar farms planned for inland areas.

Source: SMH