Pfiffner has acquired Haefely

Switzerland: Pfiffner International AG, a solution supplier for customers in the sectors of electrical energy and rolling stock, has announced the acquisition of Haefely Test AG.

Accordingly, the four traditional Swiss brands – Pfiffner Instrument Transformers, Moser Glaser, Alpha-ET and now Haefely – are now aligned under one common roof.

Haefely is located in Basel-city, Switzerland, and develops, produces and sells high-voltage test systems and instrumentation for customers in the electrical energy and general industry sector.

Haefely did belong to the Hubbell Group prior to the transaction. Haefely will now act as stand-alone company and brand under the umbrella of the Pfiffner Group and the sub-brands Tettex and Haefely EMC will remain under Haefely.

Hipotronics, located in Brewster, USA, has not been acquired and will remain with the Hubbell Group. The common brand Haefely Hipotonics will no longer act on the market. Haefely Test AG will shortly be renamed Haefely AG.

About Pfiffner International/Pfiffner Group

Pfiffner International is a group of companies with the headquarter in Hirschthal, Canton Aargau, Switzerland. They develop, produce and sell products and solutions for the electrical energy and rolling stock sector. Pfiffner International has seven production sites, app. 650 employees and realizes revenues of app. $131 M (130 M CHF). The production units are located in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and India.

Source: Pfiffner