Holger Ketterer is the new CEO of the SGB-SMIT Group

Germany: Holger Ketterer appointed the new SGB-SMIT Group CEO.

Ketterer joined the SGB-SMIT Group Management Board in June 2019 as the COO.

Before joining the SGB-SMIT Group, Ketterer worked at the ABB and has many years of experience heading a global power transformers division.

Previously he worked as scientist at a research centre; afterwards, he served as the technical manager of a transformer manufacturing plant in Germany and later on he managed transformer business services in Canada before he became head of global power transformer division.

About SGB:

SGB-SMIT Group with headquarter in Regensburg, Germany and companies in Germany, the USA, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, the Czech Republic, India, China, South Africa and France.

Source: Transformers Magazine