Seven cable gland innovations unveiled

US: Hawke International, the manufacturer of glands for harsh and hazardous environments, has unveiled a range of 28 new glands featuring 7 major innovations.

The first key innovation is around Universal 501/453 cold flow compliant Ex cable gland. The company has developed a special conversion kit which enables the Universal to be easily converted into a barrier gland.

Hawke has also unveiled a patented tightening guide which is now integrated into all Hawke glands, as standard. The guide reduces the chance of glands being over or under tightened – a major health and safety issue for companies within harsh and hazardous environments.

Punched Seal Glands are another product development in the Exd barrier gland world. Hawke has increased the number of cores that can be passed through its Punched Seal Gland (PSG).

Hawke has developed a new highly cost-effective, space efficient cable clamp to prevent cables pulling away which can be applied within 50 mm of a gland.

The protection ratings now include IP66 which withstands high waterjet pressure and IP67/68 which tests the product when submersed in water. Lastly, through the addition of IP69, the glands are proven to withstand high pressure steam cleaning.

Source: Hawke International