Siemens will apply Industry 4.0 standard in new distribution transformers factory

China: Siemens will build its most advanced factory for production of distribution transformers in Guangzhou.

The factory, planned to be put into operation in 2021, will apply Industry 4.0 standard and become a Siemens model factory in the global industry.

In an announcement made yesterday during the Siemens Greater Bay Area (GBA) Forum, the company called for an open innovation ecosystem where governments, businesses and academia work together to massively apply digital technologies such as digital power plant, industrial IoT, smart campus and connected mobility.

“For GBA to elevate to a vibrant world-class bay area and a global innovation and technology hub, partnership, digitalisation and talents define the way forward,” said Lothar Herrmann, president and CEO Siemens Greater China. “Siemens is a long-standing technology partner that has created proven values for the people and society of GBA. We will continue to focus our technological support to this area on five priorities – enabling clean energy, developing digital manufacturing, building smart city cluster, driving innovations and nurturing talents.”

Source: Future IoT