Siemens to build digital substation with grid IoT applications in Norway

Norway: Together with the Norwegian distribution system operator Glitre Energi Nett, Siemens will build a digital substation to pilot Internet of things (IoT) analytics and applications for power grids.

IoT-ready Siprotec protection and control and Sicam automation devices will be connected via OPC UA PubSub, an open standard communication protocol, to MindSphere – the Siemens cloud-based open operating system for IoT. The Siprotec dashboard cloud application will make previously inaccessible data fully available and help to process grid data for the first time in the cloud with zero engineering effort.

The solution complies with the most stringent cybersecurity requirements, allowing end-to-end authentication and encryption based on certificates. This will help to further increase reliability, optimize efficiency and improve the security of the power grid.

For this pilot project for grid IoT, Siemens and Glitre Energi Nett are working closely together to improve data accessibility and analytics to increase grid reliability and availability through early detection of field issues and risks, reduce maintenance costs by condition monitoring and extend the nominal substation capacity at lower outside temperatures.

Source: T&D World