Hydro One announces new Ontario grid control center in Orillia

Canada: Hydro One Inc. announced it is moving forward with plans to build a new Ontario grid control center in Orillia.

This new, state-of-the-art facility is expected to serve as one of the company’s technology hubs and will ensure the safe, reliable delivery of electricity to communities across all of Ontario for years to come.

“Hydro One is proud to be proceeding with this innovative new facility in the near future. It will be home to our highly skilled employees who ensure electricity is moving safely across the province to large industrial customers, local electricity utilities, and Hydro One’s 1.4 million residential and business customers,” said Darlene Bradley, acting chief operating officer, Hydro One. “We are committed to this investment of approximately $150 M in Orillia, which is expected to bring long-term economic value to the city and its local businesses.”

Once the new Ontario grid control center is completed, the existing facility in Barrie will operate as the back-up control center. Hydro One anticipates construction will begin later this year. This new building has previously been referred to as the Integrated System Operating Center (ISOC).

Source: T&D World