Gambia plans 150 MW solar project

Gambia: The government of Gambia and the Economic Community of West African States are seeking consultants to prepare a feasibility study for a 150 MW solar power project.

The government said it will ensure land availability, award permits for a power purchase agreement with utility the National Water & Electricity Company Ltd and prepare transmission lines for connection to a substation.

The Gambian government added, it has identified a 225 hectare site near the 225 / 30 kV OMVG substation in Soma which is under construction. The substation, in the center of the small nation near where the main east-west road crosses the north-south Trans-Gambia Highway, will be expected to raise the percentage of the Gambian population with access to electricity from 40% to 60%.

The project, which may be coupled with 20 MWh of storage capacity for grid stabilization purposes, is expected to be built in two phases, with the first, 80 MW unit scheduled for completion in 2021 and the second, 70 MW section planned to come online in 2025.

Source: PV Magazine