Pakistan to add 74,448 MW to national grid by 2040

Pakistan, Karachi: Pakistan has chalked out a comprehensive plan to develop 120 new power projects in a bid to add 74,448 MW of production capacity to the system till 2040, mostly from hydro, domestic coal and renewable sources including wind and solar.

In 2019, the gap between nominal capacity and demand is steadily widening and has started surpassing the peak load in the system. It can be observed that a significant surplus of around 17,600 MW remains between the projected demand and installed capacity, according to the study. Sufficient generation has been planned to be added by 2040 to satisfy the 1 % LOLP (loss of load probability) criteria and add sufficient reserves to the system.

The first hydroelectric power project selected by the model is Matiltan, which is an 84 MW run-of-the-river power plant, then the 2,160 MW Dasu stage-I project and the first reservoir-based hydroelectric power plant Mohmand Dam.

As far as renewables are concerned, a total capacity of 6,000 MW and 7,000 MW will be available from solar and wind power plants respectively.

Source: The Express Tribune