Ecuador-Peru 500 kV interconnection project design expected in 2020

Peru: Studies are scheduled to begin in the coming months into the planned power interconnection between Ecuador and Peru which have been laying the groundwork for the potential link.

Transelectric, the transmission unit of Ecuador’s state power holding company Celec, has relaunched a call to design the 500 kV project under an IDB-financed program to shore up the national grid.

The work will cover the following proposed infrastructure: new 500 kV lines Chorrillos-Pasaje (211 km) and Pasaje-Frontera (74 km); the sectioning (1.8 km) of the 230 kV Minas San Francisco La Unión-San Idelfonso line; the expansion of the 500 kV Chorrillos substation; and the new 500 / 230 kV Pasaje substation.

Expressions of interest for the $3 M, 300-day consultancy contract are due by October 18.

Source: BN Americas