Larson Electronics releases 45 kVA substation

US: Larson Electronics announced the release of a 45 kVA rated power distribution substation that converts three-phase 480 V AC electrical current to three-phase 400 Y / 231 V AC.

It provides operators a safe way to tap into and distribute 480 V AC power from generators and direct grid power. The primary side connects three-phase 480 V line-in power using a customer-provided cord.

The MT-DF.SP-3P-480D-45KVA-400Y.231-N3R-50HZ-2X32A.3P power distribution substation allows a customer-provided cord to bring three-phase 480 V AC power to the NEMA 3R 60 amp three-phase 480 V disconnect on the primary side that contains three 60 amp time delay fuses, and passes power to the transformer. The transformer converts 480 V to 400 Y / 231 V 50 / 60 Hz and passes the current to the secondary side that contains two 32 amp 220-415 V 532R6 W pin/sleeve receptacles.

This unit gives operators the ability to power 400 Y / 231 V AC equipment from a single system. The system comes with integrated floor and wall mounting brackets for easy installation. Unit features 220˚C insulation with a 150˚C temperature rise. Suitable applications include indoor and outdoor locations, plant maintenance and turnarounds, construction sites, and more.

Source: Economy Watch