New 330 / 132 kV substation to be built in Canberra

Australia, Canberra: The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government is securing the region’s future electricity supply with a new substation in Canberra’s north-west.

Approval has been granted to proceed with the construction of a new 330 / 132 kV substation and its associated line works. The project, developed by the ACT Government and TransGrid, will be delivered by Zinfra.

Zinfra is charged with the construction and commissioning of the substation and associated works. Zinfra has been engaged by TransGrid to undertake the construction of the 330 / 132 kV substation and 6 km of 330 kV transmission line. The project also includes the decommissioning of two 330 kV transformers and associated switchgear at the existing Canberra 330 / 132 kV Substation.

TransGrid is transitioning towards digital substations, and the Stockdill Drive Substation has been designed to utilise IEC61850 technology.

IEC61850 digitises control and protection signals with the use of outdoor merging units into the Secondary Systems Building. The benefit of using this design protocol is that it reduces auxiliary power load and cables, resulting in significant savings on civil works.

Source: Utility Magazine