Larson Electronics releases split phase step-up buck/boost prewired transformer

US: Larson Electronics announced the release of a split-phase step-up prewired buck and boost transformer for use in indoor and outdoor settings.

This dolly cart mounted transformer provides protection against critical equipment failures and extra protection by isolating the power source from the connected device. This unit is equipped with 6 m of 8/3 SOOW whips.

The MT-MCD-BBT-208V-120.240V-2P-44.07-2X20FT-SS2.50-WP buck and boost split phase transformer carries a 10.4 kVA rating and features a primary voltage of 208 V split phase using 53.19 amps (max) on the primary side. This unit features a secondary voltage of 120 / 240 V that provides up to 44.07 amps at 240 V, or two legs of 44.07 amps at 120 V for a total capacity of 88.14 amps at 120 V on the secondary side. This unit is housed in a NEMA 3R-rated enclosure.

Larson Electronics’ buck and boost transformer features non-aging, cold-rolled silicon steel lamination cores and has a 130˚C insulation with an 80˚C temperature rise. This transformer has aluminum winding made from high-quality aluminum wire with close tolerances used during manufacturing to eliminate burrs and improve performance. Each core is specially coated to prevent moisture and are electrically balanced to minimize axial forces during short circuit events.

Source: Economy Watch