Singapore to build more transmission lines for harnessing green power

Singapore: Singapore’s state-owned power grid operator wants to build more connections to neighboring countries to tap their greater potential for renewable energy.

Nations like Malaysia and Indonesia have ample spare land for solar panels and enough wind to power turbines, both things that Singapore is lacking, Wong Kim Yin, chief executive officer of SP Group, said. Building transmission lines to connect the countries and using renewable energy credits to facilitate power trading can allow the island nation to use clean power even if it can’t produce it.

The idea of connecting power plants and customers across Southeast Asia has been pursued for more than 20 years, but stymied by issues including lack of government coordination and infrastructure funding. But that could be changing.

Malaysia already has links to Thailand, which is also connected to Laos, so eventually Singapore could invest in hydropower dams in Laos and use renewable energy credits to receive the same amount of electricity from Malaysia, Wong said. Even if the power Singapore receives isn’t necessarily generated by renewables, the net effect for the region would be more carbon-free electricity.

Source: Bloomberg