Pakistan signs $ 167.2 million loan with ADB

Pakistan, Islamabad: Pakistan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a loan agreement for $ 167.2 million for the ‘Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Programme’.

The programme will reduce technical losses by replacing and improving old power transformers, reports Pak Tribune.

It will include augmentation and extension of the existing 132 kV power transformers at substations of the secondary transmission grid to add up to 5,021 MVA of transformer capacity. Overloaded distribution transformers will be replaced with high capacity transformers. The installation of additional distribution transformers capacity on 11 kV feeders is also part of the project.

“The objective of the investment programme is to provide adequate and reliable power supply to a greater number of industrial, commercial and residential consumers.” said Nargis Sethi, secretary of Economic Affairs Division.

The country’s government will continue working closely with the ADB for the common purpose of improving Pakistan’s economic prospects, according to Sethi.

Source: Pak Tribune