Siemens partners with Fortinet for substation cybersecurity solution

US: Siemens has partnered with US-based cybersecurity firm Fortinet for the development of a security solution for operational technology networks, with one use to be at substations.

The first solution from Siemens and Fortinet integrates the FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall with the Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform family of switches and routers to improve the integration of cybersecurity into locations with harsh environments. This would include electrical substations.

The solution provides a single, integrated appliance for OT networks, resolving issues typically encountered outside of this model such as power, space, physical security and connectivity problems.

Remote management simplifies the deployment and ongoing management, Fortinet said. It is being billed as the first integrated solution combining technology and a worldwide resell agreement to address the “unique” security and connectivity requirements of OT networks.

It is also to be deployed in harsh and remote locations and will be available through the Fortinet Security Fabric, which provides an integrated and automated platform approach to security through purpose-built solutions and AI threat intelligence.

Alongside the solution, Siemens is to bring to market Fortinet’s Fortigate Next-Generation Firewall VM bundled with the Ruggedcom APE 1808 to enable the availability of advanced security solutions for OT environments.

Source: Current