Phase-change cooling transformer developed

China, Shenzhen: Shenzhen based AEHV company announced that they developed the world’s first 220 kV evaporative cooling power transformer.

Evaporative cooling power transformer uses a new type of non-combustible insulating heat dissipation liquid material – fluorocarbon. This liquid insulation is a kind of low-boiling, non-combustible, environmentally friendly material used as the transformer’s insulating cooling medium, and the transformer is efficiently cooled by its gas-liquid phase change, by using latent heat dissipation technology and the evaporative cooling based on heterogeneous kinetics.

Evaporative cooling transformers have high heat dissipation efficiency, strong overload capacity, fire protection, explosion protection, and environmental protection. Such transformers can help to avoid transformer fire but also, its transformer fire protection system can be eliminated, reducing the platform size and the cost. Evaporative cooling transformers are also anti-salt mist, anti-humidity, and anti-mold, making them ideal choices for offshore applications.

These transformers also meet the requirements of offshore wind power fire prevention and explosion protection. At the same time, the advantages such as small footprint, large capacity, maintenance-free and long service life add value to offshore wind power systems.

According to the manufacturer, green and environmentally friendly evaporative cooling transformers not only help protect the environment, but also reduce overall costs.

Source: TM

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