400 kV land-sea cable link Peloponnese – central Greece

Winterbach, Germany: In a joint EHV (Extra High Voltage) project with Hellenic Cables SA, PFISTERER is using IXOSIL high-voltage joints and outdoor terminations to ensure the safe connection of a new land-sea cable link to the Peloponnese.

In addition to the planning, manufacture and delivery of the joints and outdoor terminations, PFISTERER is also responsible for their installation by its own EHV specialist installers. The work will be finished by the end of March 2020.

A new land-sea cable connection in the Strait of Rio-Antirrio near Patras will in future improve the connection of the Peloponnese to the 400 kV grid in central Greece. Together with Hellenic Cables, PFISTERER is ensuring safe connection with IXOSIL high-voltage joints and outdoor terminations.

The client for the current project for the further expansion of the 400 kV grid is the energy utility IPTO, a subsidiary of PPC, the largest energy supplier in Greece. Safe transitions despite different cable diameters The basis for the new EHV link on the west coast of the Peloponnese is formed by two three-phase submarine cables.

These are connected to the land cables on both shores with PFISTERER IXOSIL transition joints (land/sea cables). Further joints follow at intervals of 300 to 800 m.

When connecting sea and land cables, the IXOSIL joints with SICON connectors also ensure a safe transition between the different cable diameters of 1,200 mm2 for the sea cable and 2,500 mm2 for the land cable. For checks and function monitoring purposes, one phase of the sea cable and one phase of the land cable are equipped with a fibre optic conductor.