Transformer in Port Angeles fully operational after copper theft

Port Angeles power transformer near Civic Field, Washington, USA is up and running again after the theft of the unit’s copper grounding wire delayed its start-up by about three months. The transformer replaced the old one which had been struck by lighting last July and caused power supply loss to around 900 customers.

The transformer passed the final tests and was energised last week according to Jim Klarr, city light operations manager.

“We’re proud to bring that substation back online,”said Maher Abed, the city’s deputy director of operations for public works and utilities.

After the lightning strike, unidentified copper thieves cut through the substation’s fences and stole the facility’s grounding wire, one of the safety measures in all substations. As a result, the transformer was shut down for the repairs.

The custom-built, 97,900-pound transformer can handle 20 megawatts of electricity and its cost is estimated at $900,000, according to Klarr.
City utility light personnel did most of the repairs with some help from the Virginia-based company that built the transformer and the city had no need to use a backup transformer.

Source: Peninsula Daily News