Mobile transformers to meet high load on Diwali

The officials of the power corporation have arranged eight trolley-mounted mobile transformers at crucial points to ensure that faulty transformers do not cause blackouts during the unexpected high load on Diwali.

Even though the power corporation has made adequate arrangements to ensure round-the-clock power supply in the state during Diwali and following days, the officials are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that no blackouts are reported on Diwali. Trolley-mounted mobile transformers numbering more than eight would be stationed at important points to take care of faults caused by conking of transformers in wake of unexpected high load on Diwali and following two days, said officials of the power department.

The power corporation wants to ensure round-the-clock power supply and leave nothing to a chance. Mohd Firoz, superintending engineer, said to The Times of India, “At the state level, the department has purchased additional 1,000 mega watts of electricity from different sources, including NTPC, Roza power plant, Reliance and other power companies, to make sure that in case of any rise in the daily consumption of 11,000 mega watts we can use the additional 1000 mega watts. In the city, the demand rises by more than 25% on Diwali owing to use of electronic lights, sprinklers, glow signs and other electronic decorative items.” He added that the chances of transformers overloading and conking out are significantly higher so emergency staff on duty and mobile transformers are kept on standby.

Source: The Times of India