Alstom unveils new mobile facility for transformer on-site repair

Alstom’s new mobile facility for transformer on-site repair, refurbishment, redesign and high voltage test has been unveiled in Jebel of Dubai (UAE). The site consists of a mobile inclosure for active parts repair, advanced drying equipment and a container-sized high voltage testing module for diagnostics and repair. Alstom’s new service is available for large power transformers and transformers of up to 400 kV and 500 MVA. The mobile facility is available in the Middle East as well as nearby regions.

The new facility supported by Alstom’s experience and expertise will eliminate costs and risks of heavy transport and reduce outage.

The first contract is secured with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the hydrocarbon exploration and production leader in the Sultanate of Oman, for a $1 million contract to rewind a rectifier transformer at site.

Hamed Heyhat, Alstom’s Regional Managing Director for Grid Service said: “Proximity is essential for ensuring optimal performance of our customers’ assets. Bringing the best of Alstom’s technical competence on site, for a key asset like transformers, will deliver a quick and accurate response to customer needs in the region”.

Jan Masschelin, Alstom’s Vice President for Grid Service said: “Alstom Grid service plays an important role in maintaining customer assets and maximising availability and reliability of the transmission network. Being highly committed to customer satisfaction, Alstom invests in innovation both in terms of maintenance solutions and long-term asset management.”

Source: Zawya