Massena Electric Department testing abnormal transformer oil readings

USA, New York: Massena Electric Department (MED) has recently tested two power transformers at East Hatfield substation due to abnormal oil readings.

The group is awaiting results but the officials are optimistic that it is not a cause for concern, reports Watertown Daily News.

“(In) the beginning of May, we had some unacceptable oil readings with high acetylene. We did a retest to confirm the reading and then we did Doble testing.” MED Superintendent Andrew J. McMahon said. “As a result, during the Doble testing, we seem to have uncovered where the hot spot had come from. It was a hot spot that led to the bad oil readings. We think we found where that is.”

Mr McMahon said that based on consultations with the HMT, the consensus was to re-energise the transformer, which has been done. He added that HMT is due on the site in mid-July and Doble testing will be done at least once a week.

According to Mr McMahon, the worst-case scenario would be replacing the transformer, which would take about four months to arrive and cost between $ 160,000 and $ 170,000. However, the situation is being monitored and the company hopes it will not be an issue.

Source: Watertown Daily Times