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$9 M underground transmission project in Indiana

USA, Indiana: On 22 June, Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) said that it plans an approximate $9 M investment to upgrade the electric transmission grid serving customers in Delaware County in eastern Indiana through the Kenmore Substation Underground Connection Project.

The project involves building about 0.8 km (1/2 mile) of 69 kV underground transmission line in Muncie between the Kenmore substation and existing above-ground transmission lines, the company said.

Noting that it rarely places transmission lines underground, the company said that growth in the area over the decades since the existing line was built makes it difficult to replace the overhead line, with the underground line being the most cost-effective alternative for enhancing and ensuring reliable service to the area.

As noted on a project fact sheet, the new 69 kV line travels beneath existing streets in the area. Upon completion, the line will be underground and streets will be repaired to reduce impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

The project will strengthen the local electric transmission system, reduce the likelihood of power outages, speed recovery of service when outages occur, prepare the electric system to support economic development, and lessen visual impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

The company noted that it expects to begin construction at the beginning of 2021, and conclude in early 2022.

Source: Transmission Hub