Image source: Xcel Energy

$9 M Western Street substation completed

USA, Texas, Amarillo: Xcel Energy is working to complete system upgrades across Amarillo in time for peak summer demand, including completion of their new $9 M Western Street Substation.

The new substation is now in service, freeing up capacity at nearby substations and providing room for growth.

The new Western Street substation will provide a new power source in southwest Amarillo that allows Xcel to reroute existing feeder lines through this substation, as well as adding new ones. Xcel says this will relieve pressure on nearby substations that have been loaded almost to capacity these hot summer days.

Xcel is also working to upgrade lines in the San Jacinto area and other neighborhoods west of downtown Amarillo.

Xcel has spent years improving the distribution lines and transformers in the San Jacinto neighborhood and surrounding areas. These neighborhoods have been served off a lower voltage than the rest of Amarillo, so Xcel is working to upgrade the lines to a standard voltage that will boost the power-handling capacity of the system and speed up power restoration in the event of an outage.

Another new substation is under construction between Amarillo and Canyon to meet the rise in demand for electricity in that area.

Xcel broke ground this spring on the new Hunsley substation. Growth in northwest Amarillo has led the company to upgrade substation breakers at the Bush substation to boost that station’s protection system as more customers are connected.

In addition to these projects, Xcel continues to replace old utility poles across the city that will last through severe weather and help prevent outages.

Source: News Channel 10