Faulty transformer gets repaired in Mansfield, MA

Mansfield Municipal Electrical Department Director Gary Babin said routine testing of oil samples from the transformer had revealed high levels of contaminants so an emergency repair of a faulty transformer at the Gilbert Street substation in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA was immediately authorised.

The faulty transformer is one of the newest of the four at the West Mansfield site and its value is at near a million dollars. The transformer is 13 years old and it handles a third of the total power output. Its estimated life span is 40 years.

This is the first time a faulty transformer has been found in Mansfield.

Contaminants concentrated around the inner coil in the centre of the transformer can foul the oil and reduce its capacity to insulate. A thermal breakdown of the insulation could make the transformer fail and the heat could cause an explosion inside the core.

Town Manager William Ross indicated the problem posed a potential public health and safety risk.

“We determined the best action was to address the problem immediately. The longer we wait, the more we put the transformer at risk and more susceptible to failure,” Babin told selectmen Wednesday night and added that there was very little time to lock in a contract before winter.

SPX,  Waukesha, Delta Star and ABB have put in bids according to Babin and they came in at $86,500, $78,000 and $138,000, respectively.

Source: Wicked Local Mansfield