Transformers seized in PESCO recovery drive

Pesco (Peshawar Electric Supply Company) XEN Muhammad Sadiq Dawar said to The Express Tribune that the company representatives have raided several areas of Bannu, Pakistan, including Sorani Bazaar, to seize transformers due to unpaid electricity bills.

The company seized 100 kV electricity transformer supplying electricity to three commercial markets where unpaid bills amounted up to Rs 2 million. They also seized transformers in Kam Tarkhoba area and Habib Ghulam irrigation tube. Three people were arrested in the process and at least 12 people were arrested in total.

Customers with unpaid bills exceeding Rs 50,000 were also arrested and taken to the police station while their electricity was cut off.

Wapda’s Bannu Circle Chairman Liaqat Khan said the action against electricity theft would continue unless consumers pay their bills. “We will not let them get away with it while others pay their bills,” he said, adding the locals should cooperate with the officials and inform them about the individuals and areas involved in electricity theft.

Source: The Express Tribune