Lesco runs out of power transformers

Pakistan, Lahore: According to reports, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) has virtually run out of transformers causing an ‘alarming’ situation, ‘which can turn critical’.

Apparently, Lesco has not been able to procure transformers since June last year for various reasons, some related to allegations of corruption, reports Dawn.

A locality close to Gulberg has not had power for the last three days as the overloaded transformer exploded on Saturday and has not replaced yet. Similarly, a locality in Rehmanpura sub-division was out of power for 24 hours as Lesco had not replaced the burnt-out transformer.

A Lesco official commented: “The company normally procures around 5,000 transformers of different categories every year. With the PML-N government taking over, it replaced the Board of Directors of the company. The new BoD did not place order for transformers or meters for the next eight months as the tenders and suppliers went through different layers of scrutiny.”

He added that the company is left with around 150 transformers of different categories compared to its normal backup of 1,000.

“During summer peak, when humidity descends, the burning rate of transformers goes up to 20. What is making the situation worse is categories of those transformers; if 25 kVA is required, the company can spare only of 200 kVA, or vice versa.” he said.

He says there are a number of players that intervene at each stage of transformer procurement and with so many players, the decision-making process is greatly affected. 

Source: Dawn