Power transformers replaced at Fryazino substation

Russia, Moscow Oblast: MOESK started reconstruction of the 110 kV substation in Fryazino. The upgrade will increase the safety of the equipment and increase capacity of the feeding centre by a third.

The substation was put into operation 60 years ago and is the only source of power for Fryazino.

The existing three 40 MVA power transformers are not designed for the increasing workload in the city so, during the reconstruction of the substation, four 40 MVA transformers will be installed. Auxiliary transformers TSN 3 and 4 will also be replaced, according to Advis.

The substation will be put into operation by autumn this year. The repairs are carried out within the energy company’s investment programme, estimated at over RUB 175 million ($ 5.2 million).

Source: Advis

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