Power supply system in Madurai to undergo improvements

India, Madurai: The project worth more than Rs 100 crore ($ 16.6 million) is carried out under the Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (APDRP) with the aim to ensure power supply free from outages and voltage fluctuation.

About 4,500 new small transformers with automatic power fluctuation controller (APFC) will be installed throughout the city to reduce the fluctuation to almost zero, reports The Times of India.

Efforts are also being taken to reduce the power outage due to transformer damage and natural disasters by installing a new system called ring main unit (RMU) in several parts of the city.

“The existing system is more like a chain connection. If one transformer is damaged power supply to the remaining places under the substation would be affected. RMU is similar to ring topology in internet connection, whereby, when there is a power break in the middle, supply will be provided from the reverse direction.” said a senior official.

“We have planned to establish 281 RMUs across selected parts of the city including important places like main bus terminals and temples.“ he said.

“There would be a dedicated centre, supervision control and data acquisition (SCADA) in the city. When there is a power break the system would indicate exactly where the problem is.

“The area line man can directly go there and set right the problem. There would not be any disturbance in the power supply and area line man need not to search for problem spot.” the official added.

Source: The Times of India
Image: fraboof (Creative Commons Licence)