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Aboitiz Power installs first digital substation in Davao

The Philippines, Davao: A distribution subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation has installed the first “digital substation” in Davao City to cater to the growing electricity needs of consumers in the area.

The conglomerate’s Davao Light and Power Company Inc. (DLPC) has just recently launched its new Calinan substation as its trailblazing venture in the digital space for power substations – it being an integral part of its electricity distribution network.

“Digitising a substation is a big step in improving accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and availability of power supply,” DLPC has emphasised; and that has been part of its commitment that never waned even in the height of a global health crisis.

The Calinan digital substation can primarily vouch for an “improved higher capacity that can cater to more customers in surrounding areas,” the company noted.

The facility is equipped with communications system that enables online monitoring assessment; which in turn facilitates early detection of probable technical problems. And with that, the utility firm can be prompted on what decisive action to take to address any glitch shackling its system’s operation.

DLPC explained “this will minimise the physical checking of the substation’s status and manual labor in restoring power, which is vital during the quarantine period.”

Davao City is anticipating sustained growth in electricity demand that could average 6 % yearly given the multitude of commercial as well as industrial developments coming off in the area.

Source: Manila Bulletin