Attend the live interview with Stefan van der Kolk from TenneT

We are pleased to announce a live interview with Stefan van der Kolk, a lead engineer at TenneT, which is a transmission utility in the Netherlands and Germany.

The live interview will be held on Monday, 14 September 2020, at 3:30 PM CET.

On this occasion, Stefan will talk about challenges that utilities face today in order to ensure electricity supply 24/7, with the reliability of 99.99 %. These challenges include maintaining reliable power grids, but at the same having to address the decarbonisation issue and ensure a smooth and sustainable shift towards renewables. Digitalisation is another challenge, but it is an opportunity at the same time.

So, join this live discussion and ask Stefan anything regarding transformer manufacturing and operation. Stefan used to design large power transformers, he can also investigate failures, and much more, so we hope you will enjoy participating in this e-session.

Click here to attend!