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Australia to build $3.9 B power transmission project

Australia, Queensland: The Government of Queensland, Australia, has announced building a 1,100 km transmission line worth $3.29 B (A$5 B).

The CopperString 2.0 power transmission line will connect wind and solar assets with critical mining and processing facilities intended to make batteries and renewables in North Queensland, with a clean energy capacity of 6 GW.

The works are planned to commence later this year, and the construction works in 2024. The construction is estimated to take six years until completion and the works will be led by publicly owned transmission company Powerlink.

According to the government, the project would make North Queensland a hub for renewable energy manufacturing, mineral processing and hydrogen.

“Building this transmission line opens up 6 GW of potential renewable energy in the North Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, creating more jobs than our state has ever seen in a new, decarbonised resources sector stretching from Townsville to Mt Isa–and they’re starting right now, with early works packages to be rolled out almost immediately, ” said Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Bruni.


Source: Power Technology

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