Image source: Siemens

Austrian substation gets SF6-free switchgear

Austria, Münichtal: The Münichtal substation of Energie Steiermark Group in Austria now has a sustainable medium-voltage switchgear from Siemens.

The power distribution system has been in operation since the end of 2020 and has just been officially handed over to the customer after a trial period. This is the first installation of fluorine-gas free switchgear from Siemens’ climate-friendly blue portfolio at a customer site in Austria.

The main task of this gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear (GIS) is to distribute power economically and safely. The switchgear uses the climate-neutral Clean Air insulation medium, which consists exclusively of natural components of the ambient air. This new technological innovation from Siemens not only eliminates SF6 as insulation medium but any gas mixture based on fluorine. As a result, the new switchgear reduces the carbon footprint of the grid operator’s equipment installation. Other benefits include easy and safe handling of the switchgear and effortless recycling at the end of its service life. In addition to the high level of environmental compatibility, digital applications make the new equipment future-proof and cost-efficient for the grid of tomorrow.

Sustainability plays a major role in energy generation. More than 80 % of the electricity in Austria is generated from renewable energy sources.

“In addition to the environmentally friendly generation of electric power, climate-friendly distribution is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, we are pleased to support our customer Energie Steiermark Group in decarbonizing its operations using our sustainable technologies. Switchgear is a key component for safe, reliable and efficient power distribution in all grid structures. That is why it plays an important role in the infrastructure of today and tomorrow,” said Gerd Pollhammer, Head of Siemens Smart Infrastructure CEE.


Source: Siemens