Floating solar

Brazil to host floating solar PV at its Batalha hydropower dam

Batalha, Brazil: International engineering company Tractebel intends to construct three floating solar PV plants with 30 MW of capability at the 52.2 MW Batalha hydropower dam, which is owned by Brazil’s state-run power group, Furnas Centrais Elétricas.

Carrying out this complex renewable energy project for Furnas Centrais Elétricas, Tractebel will develop the basic project for the implementation of Batalha Photovoltaic Plants I, II and III.

The objective is to reach a total installed power of 30 MW. This will be achieved with about 90,900 photovoltaic modules floated on the reservoir. The energy generated will be sufficient to meet the monthly energy needs of close to 30,000 homes.

According to Maria Guilhermina Drummond, superintendent of the Tractebel Energy Product Line in Latin America, one of the greatest benefits of floating photovoltaic solar plants is the efficiency in capturing solar energy because the modules are close to the water thus remaining cleaner and cooled, which is an essential factor of superior performance.

Drifting components on extra hydroelectric storage tanks is a “wise” means to decrease carbon exhausts, claimed Fabiane Ferrao, the supervisor of Tractebel’s renewables device.

Brazil host an additional 1 MW drifting solar plant at the Sobradinho dam, a 175 MW hydroelectric centre on the Sao Francisco River in Sobradinho, in the state of Bahia.

Source: ESI Africa