Image source: Transformers Magazine

China Electrical Equipment Group founded

China, Shanghai: China’s top state assets regulator announced the establishment of the China Electrical Equipment Group on 25 September.

The new company was formed by several subsidiaries of the State Grid Corp and the China XD Group, with the approval of the State Council, according to the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Bai Zhongquan, China XD Group Corp’s chairman, was appointed as the chairman of the new group.

The subsidiaries of State Grid Corp involved in this reorganization include Pinggao Group, Xuji Group, Shandong Electrical Engineering & Equipment Group, and some OEMs owned by NR Group. Pinggao Group is a top GIS and AIS manufacturer, while Xuji is a top manufacturer of relay protection equipment. Shandong Electrical Engineering & Equipment Group is also a market leader in the manufacture of power transformers, GIS and iron towers.

After the reorganization, China Electrical Equipment Group has become China’s top product and service provider in electricity transmission and distribution.

Source: Transformers Magazine