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Damaged transformers cause major power crisis in Kashmir

The Power Development Department (PDD), Kashmir, India, has provided additional 50 MW last week due to heavy showfall. The Department hopes this will reduce forced outages as the power crisis caused by damaged transformers is getting worse with fresh snowfall.

Instrument transformers to increase accuracy to extremely low-current levels

Instrument transformer designs have improved recently and increased the accuracy and stability of the current transformers' performance. This means that accuracy down to extremely low-current levels can now be achieved to record generated power regardless of wind-turbine availability or wind speed. This enables wind farms to gain more revenue on power produced at low levels.

Toshiba acquires Vijai Electricals Ltd. assets

Toshiba Corporation has acquired assets of Vijai Electricals Ltd.'s power transmission and distribution businesses. They include power transformer, distribution transformers and switchgear businesses.

Lebanese Matelec gets $ 108 million contract to install transformers

The government signed a $108 million contract with Lebanese company Matelec on Friday to buy and install three gas-run transformers for three power plants in Tripoli, Ashrafieh and southern suburbs. Energy and Water Minister Gebran Bassil and the general manager of Matelec Sami Saghyer signed the contract at the company’s factory in Byblos.

Lansdale Electric plans transformer update

Lansdale Electric, Pennsylvania, USA is setting up upgrades for its outdated equipment in order to expand the power network and make it faster, stronger and more flexible.

A transformer failure cuts off power supply to Corrientes

Yesterday morning a power cut occurred in several areas of Corrientes, Argentina, due to a transformer fault at the 500 kV Puerto Bastiani station in the Chaco Province. The power supply was provided from an alternative source at Paso de la Patria.