Business News

Lansdale Electric plans transformer update

Lansdale Electric, Pennsylvania, USA is setting up upgrades for its outdated equipment in order to expand the power network and make it faster, stronger and more flexible.

A transformer failure cuts off power supply to Corrientes

Yesterday morning a power cut occurred in several areas of Corrientes, Argentina, due to a transformer fault at the 500 kV Puerto Bastiani station in the Chaco Province. The power supply was provided from an alternative source at Paso de la Patria.

ABB wins $37-million transformer order in Poland

ABB has won an order worth around $ 37 million from PSE S.A., Poland’s state owned transmission system operator, to deliver 12 power transformers as part of an initiative to strengthen the national grid.

Transformer repair workshop for Gumla

A transformer repairing workshop will be set up in the Gumla district, India as the emergency transformer repairs otherwise have to be carried out in the Ranchi district workshop.

Adrar wind farm to be tested

The construction of the Adrar wind farm, Algeria which commenced in 2011, is making good progress. Testing of the wind turbines is scheduled for December 2013.

PCBs to be removed from Pointe Claire by Christmas

Pointe Claire Mayor Morris Trudeau announced last week at city hall that PCBs will be removed from the Reliance Power Equipment Ltd. by Christmas. The facility made news in August for illegally storing electrical transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and ignoring several calls to remove the contaminants. According to Trudeau, all contaminants deemed highly dangerous […]

Electricaribe invests $ 24 million in two substations

The Malambo capacity will soon double due to $ 24 million investment from Electricaribe in construction and expansion of two substations. The project will benefit different areas of Barranquilla metropolitan area, Colombia.

New transformer installed at Plottier

The EPEN completed the installation of a new transformer in Plottier, Argentina after nearly 11 hours of continuous work and a power outage across the city.