Call for papers in Special Edition – Dry-type transformers

Transformers Magazine cordially invites all interested parties including academic researchers, professional engineers, electrical utilities and consultants, as well as component and material manufacturers to take part in our Special Edition issue focusing on dry-type transformers.

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Dry-type transformers, known for their high safety and low maintenance requirements, are used for a growing number of applications and their ratings are ever increasing. They have reached power of over 60 MVA and voltage of 72 kV.

Two types of technology are dominating this product segment: cast resin and vacuum pressure impregnation technology.

The solid-state technology, merging the power electronics and transformers, is expected to start a revolution in the transformer design, manufacturing and operation. This technology will open up new horizons and bring yet undiscovered possibilities for innovation, digitalisation and application.

Thanks to many advantages, dry-type transformers have found application in demanding operating environments, starting from simpler ones in inexpensive conditions such as distribution and transmission, to complex, demanding solutions at offshore and onshore wind, solar, data centres, marine, oil and gas, mining, railway, battery storage, automotive and chemical industry, electric mobility, and many more.

This special issue aims to provide a forum for the latest developments, future plans, and a long-term roadmap to use dry-type transformers in the power grid. The focus will be on the progress of technological developments and applications. Topics may range from an individual unit to a fleet of transformers, and from simulations, laboratory investigations to grid deployment.

We hope this special edition will shed a new light on the disruptive innovation in the field of dry-type transformers that is expected to grow in terms of ratings and applications in the power network. Topics that would be of interest in this edition include, but are not limited to: trends in dry-type transformer technology, trends in solid-state transformer technology, applications of dry-type transformers, electromagnetic and thermal simulations, power electronics simulations, cooling, engineering / design, manufacturing machines and technology, tests (equipment, systems), monitoring and diagnostics.

Our readers, potential authors and other stakeholders are invited to propose additional topics of relevance by 12 March 2021.


We are pleased that preparation of this edition is supported by some of the most prominent experts in this field. In order to provide the best possible technical support, we invite professionals and experts involved in this field to join our Editorial Board as editors / reviewers for this Special Edition. Please express your interest by 2 April 2021.

Upon publication of the Special Edition, one of the guest editors will be invited to the Editorial Board of Transformers Magazine as a permanent member.

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We cordially invite authors to submit original, previously unpublished material. Authors can express intent to submit a paper, or submit their full-length manuscripts following our regular submission procedure by 30 May 2021 by email to Please, specify in all correspondence and submissions that your work is intended for special edition Dry-type transformers.

Manuscripts must be prepared according to the submission guidelines outlined in the Author Centre of the Transformers Magazine Publish with us webpage.

All submitted manuscripts of technical articles will undergo an anonymous peer review. Thus, invitation to submit a manuscript does not guarantee inclusion in the special edition.

Our team looks forward to receiving paper proposals and manuscripts.

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