Camlin launches Sapient

The digital solution provides energy operators with insights into their network’s health and future capacity.


Camlin launches Sapient

Image source: Camlin Group

UK, Lisburn: At the Distributech Conference, Camlin Energy announced the introduction of Sapient, the company’s new digital solution which could help energy operators harness the potential of their asset monitoring programs.

The solution is a suite of three software applications for Asset (Sapient Asset), Fault (Sapient Fault) and Networks (Sapient Networks), anchored by the Sapient data management platform. The suite provides energy operators with insights into their network’s health and future capacity, helping them decide on proactive interventions to safeguard the network, optimize operations and reduce costs.

Sapient Asset Insights is an Asset Performance Management solution which can elevate assets’ reliability and performance. By integrating diverse data sources and leveraging engineering analysis techniques together with AI and machine learning analytics, it converts raw data into insights and predicts asset performance.

Keith Redfearn, President of Camlin Energy North America commented on the launch of Sapient, emphasizing the solution’s potential to help companies prepare for future challenges.

Peter Cunningham, CEO of the Camlin Group said: “We are thrilled to launch Sapient to the North American market, it embodies decades of Camlin innovation and has the potential to completely revolutionize the energy sector. While the electricity grid is the backbone of modern civilisation, it is facing unprecedented challenges as it struggles to keep pace with the evolving demands of our energy landscape. These challenges extend beyond the current capabilities of our networks involving higher network utilisation, dynamic power flows, complex network planning, and increased system interactivity.”

Source: Camlin Group