Image source: T&D World

Celco Power installs $312 M hurricane-withstanding equipment

USA, Louisiana: Cleco Power has invested into $312 M-worth equipment that can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 130 mph.

Since embarking on the largest transmission upgrade project in its 87-year history, Cleco Power has relieved grid congestion by constructing new lines, substations and towers, all of which have strengthened the grid in south Louisiana, a region of the state prone to hurricanes.

The region, which was coined the Acadiana Load Pocket (ALP) because of its location and the transmission constraints, is adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico in south-central Louisiana. Because customers of all electric utilities in the ALP could be affected by power restrictions, the utilities worked together to improve reliability for the entire region.

“With the completion of this critical transmission upgrade project, Cleco Power’s transmission system is now more resilient and reliable because of good transmission planning, well-executed construction and project management, and close coordination with neighboring electric utilities,” said Robbie LaBorde, chief operations and sustainability officer of Cleco Corporate Holdings, the parent company for Cleco Power.

Cleco Power spent a total of $312 M on upgrades which included the most modern equipment – higher voltage transmission lines, structures that can withstand hurricane-force winds up to 130 mph, four new substations and other necessary equipment. The upgrades were completed in three phases. The construction work for phase one began in 2010 and the various upgrades continued until the completion of phase three in 2021.


Source: T&D World