Check out our free of charge basic level lessons by the end of this week

Transformers Academy offers you twelve educational courses (and counting!) and multiple training sessions attentively made by top experts on various subjects.

We are moving this learning experience to a whole new level – you can expect to see our new formats very soon! The new content will represent the most advanced form of education at the Transformers Academy, and it will suit all profiles of employees in transformer manufacturing companies, in companies that supply materials, components, and equipment, in utilities, laboratories, consulting and engineering companies, etc.

Hurry up and choose among a wide selection of lessons you can attend already! Be sure to check out our free of charge basic level lessons (available on demand) by the end of this week; after that, our basic level lessons will be free of charge only in the live form. Use this week to glance at the available materials to get a better idea of how to proceed.

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