Image source: Xinhuanet

China’s State Grid to construct $22 B UHV projects

China, Beijing: The State Grid Corporation of China has announced it will start constructing a new batch of UHV projects in the second half of 2022.

With a total investment of approximately $22 B (over ¥150 B), these projects are expected to further leverage the role of power grids in expanding investment, according to the company.

In the first half of 2022, the company has 11 UHV projects worth $13.3 B (¥90 B) under construction, with the length of transmission lines totalling 6,828 km, it said in a press release.

Among the 11 projects, the Baihetan-Jiangsu 800 kV UHV direct current power transmission project was commissioned a month ago, transmitting clean hydropower from the southwestern province of Sichuan to east China’s economic powerhouse Jiangsu Province.

The new projects are expected to boost demand for commodities, including copper and aluminium, and help China boost its economic growth.

China plans 450 GW of solar and wind power generation capacity in the Gobi and other desert regions to meet most of its new energy demand and help meet its climate goals.


Source: Xinhuanet