Source: COMEM

COMEM Group introduces eDOC

Germany, Berlin: COMEM Group announces their newest oil diagnostic device, type eDOC.

Transformers usually have a service life of at least 30 years. During that time, transformers have to be insulated and cooled down, requiring the use of insulation oil for that purpose. This makes insulation oil essential for the correct operation of transformers. Because of that, users have to check the oil’s properties from time to time.

This is where eDOC comes into play. It is used to continuously measure the presence of hydrogen and moisture inside the transformer’s oil. It works by heating up the oil inside the sensor chamber in order to guarantee continuous oil flow and enable continuous testing on fresh oil samples. If dissolved gases and moisture are found inside the oil, this means that oil is breaking down and requires further analysis.

In this way, eDOC enables users to make informed decisions about asset maintenance requirements. For this reason, it can be used as a robust and proven technological solution that supports its users throughout the entire transformer lifecycle.

Source: COMEM