Image source: T&D World

Con Edison Invests in summer reliability

USA, New York: Company spends $1.5 B to upgrade systems for summer 2021, ushering in renewables, low-carbon technologies.

Con Edison has completed projects throughout New York City and Westchester County to maintain its reliability while continuing to lead the state’s shift toward renewables and other clean technologies.

The company invested $1.5 B on new cable, transformers, network protectors, switches, and other components that make its electric-delivery system robust.

Meanwhile, the company continues to lead New York State’s transition to a low-carbon, clean energy future. Con Edison is adding energy storage to its system and investing in transmission to bring renewable energy to customers. The company is helping customers save with energy efficiency programs, connect solar panels, and adopt electric vehicles.

“We are making targeted investments based on data and metrics to keep our service reliable while leading the transition to a low-carbon future with cleaner air and water, better health, and an economy driven by green jobs,” said Matthew Ketschke, the president of Con Edison. “We are optimistic about our region’s economic and environmental prospects as we emerge from the enormous challenges the pandemic has posed.”

Con Edison crews have installed 22 new network transformers, 120 overhead transformers, 54 sections of underground cable, 175 spans of overhead wire, and 139 utility poles in preparation for the summer.


Source: T&D World