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Dana-Kusma transmission line in final phase

Nepal, Kathmandu: The construction of a transmission line from Dana of Myagdi to Kusma of Parbat under the Kaligandaki Corridor 220 kV transmission line is in the final phase.

According to the officials of the project, the construction is taking place with the aim of bringing the transmission line into operation by July. The work under the project is being carried out even during the lockdown with security management in coordination with the local government and administration. Construction of a 220 / 132 kV substation at Khurkot is ongoing and equipment has been installed at the substation.

NEA’s Managing Director Kulman Ghising said that the work is taking place with the aim of bringing the Dana-Kusma section into operation by this July. The electricity generated from the 42 MW Mistri River Hydropower Project, that is being built with investments from the private sector  and the 11.2 MW Thapa Khola Hydropower Project will be connected to the transmission line. The electricity will be connected to the national grid through the Dana substation. Currently, Thapa Khola’s electricity is being transmitted through a 33 kV line.

Of the 110 towers under the 39 km Dana-Kusma transmission line, installation of only one tower is left. Project Head Chandan Kumar Ghosh said, “Placement of only 3 km of wire is left and the lack of manpower due to the lockdown has hampered the construction work.”

The construction of the Kaligandaki Corridor transmission line was started with investments from Nepal government, NEA and concessional loan from the Asian Development Bank to evacuate the electricity generated from hydropower projects that will be built in the Kaligandaki river basin.

Source: My Republica