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Defining the purpose and objective of the power transformer sourcing process

Mr. Niël Malan started conducting his course at the Transformers Academy yesterday, 9 September 2021 at 2 PM CET. The opening lesson was introduction to the Strategic sourcing for power transformers course, in which he defines the purpose and objective of the power transformer sourcing team, identifies the sourcing stakeholder group and explains how to set up the power transformer sourcing governance approach. This was the only lesson conducted on the basic level of the course and we are delighted to announce the upcoming lessons on more advanced courses. Stay tuned because the entire syllabus will be available soon.

Mr. Niël Malan has 24 years’ experience in Electrical Engineering, Commercial and Supply Chain in the utility industry across Generation, Transmission and Distribution.  He led and implemented successful strategic sourcing methodology for the Power Transformer Category on group level, securing strategic partnering with global Transformer manufacturers, to secure supply for best transformer technologies and optimized total cost of ownership.

Click here to attend the basic level session on demand.

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